get away while you can;
The ship won’t sink forever.
I’ll push you away like everyone else.
Bad habits always come & leave.

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Computers are providing solutions to math problems that we can’t check

Good news! A computer has solved the longstanding Erdős discrepancy problem! Trouble is, we have no idea what it’s talking about — because the solution, which is as long as all of Wikipedia’s pages combined, is far too voluminous for us puny humans to confirm.

A few years ago, the mathematician Steven Strogatz predicted that it wouldn’t be too much longer before computer-assisted solutions to math problems will be beyond human comprehension. Well, we’re pretty much there. In this case, it’s an answer produced by a computer that was hammering away at the Erdős discrepancy problem.

Full Story: Io9

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"A cop is far more likely… to kill you than you are to kill a cop… The idea that police have an incredibly dangerous job is what we Southerners call a tall-tale, a stretch of the truth to bolster an ego unwilling to accept mediocrity. Not to take away from what many fair-minded officers do every day, but as those stubborn things called facts would have it, policing is less dangerous than farming, fishing, logging, and trash collecting, as well as six other professions. Now is the time to burst the cop myth and to stop giving them the deference to murder our friends and family in the street.”

Cops: The Myth of the Most Dangerous Job

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St.-Pierre-Quiberon, Brittany, France by Philou Philou

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canoeing in a crystal clear lake 

coolest but scariest fucking thing

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Let it keep going;
No not what you know hurts you,
But what pushes you to grow.
It will only get better,
If you strive for it.

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Pulpit Rock, Norway (by aaberg)

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Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley - If you love this beautiful picture, like it. We post stuff just like this every day on Facebook. Like us by clicking here: - You won’t regret it.

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